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Cellar Lift with Roller Conveyor

Mezzanine Goods Floor Lift
Cellar Lift 275kg Vertical Chain Drive - For installation by a third party (in South Africa) chain driven lift.
Cellar Lift with a raised height 3050mm, A fixed 3mm platform plate will be supplied, the size to be 830mm x 765mm. The fixing support plate will allow for adjustment of 37mm up or down to allow for a fluctuation in the finished floor height. Platform to be fitted with Roller Conveyor supplied and fitted by client height being 85mm.Roller conveyor to extend 20mm above the mast to allow for products to pass over the mast onto an adjoining conveyor.
A 20 amp, 240 volt, single-phase supply is required terminated in a double pole switch at the lower level. Control is via a hold to run handle close to this supply point.
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Motor spec
Power Pack with anti-condensation heater

  • 2.2 Kw, 1 Phase, 4 Pole, IP65 & Anti Condensation Heater Manifold with Check, Relief (80-250 Bar) & 1/4" BSP
  • Auxillary Pressure Port
  • Gear Pump to Deliver 8.7 L/min @ 120 Bar Max Pressure
  • 15 Litre Steel Vertical Tank with Filler Cap & Drain Port
  • Single Station Cetop 3 with Dual Solenoid Valve (P to T, AB
  • Blocked in Centre Position) with 12v DC Coils & Connectors
  • 3/8" BSP A & B Ports

Spare Parts

  • Power Pack, Part Number 551-000007
  • Valve block, which even if the power pack did burn out could be re-used, but if they wanted to stock a new one, Part Number R62
  • Hydraulic Drive Motor, Part Number R72
  • Simplex Chain, Part Number SCL14
  • Chain Connector Links, Part Number SCL15
  • Heavy Duty Attachment links (chain to carriage), Part Number CLB
Product Downloads
Cellar Lift South Africa Lift

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Mezzanine Goods Floor Lift